History of the Ordensburg Sonthofen – englische Ausführung –



Author Hartmut Happel remarks:
As a result of being re-assigned within the College of the Military Police and the General Staff I inherited from my predecessor the duty of taking visitors on guided tours through the General-Beck-Kaserne.
I started out with a four page briefing and some old slides. It turned out that some of the details in the briefing were merely hearsay.
Being detail oriented, I set to work. I checked records in several archives and soon I was in contact with people who had been trained in or had worked at the Ordensburg. These elderly gentlemen were very kind and
helpful. They entrusted me with their personal histories and that is how I was able to revive a part of German History. At the same time I had to refresh my knowledge of National Socialism in Germany. In the course of two years I collected a lot of material, which I do not want to lock away in an archive, but make available to all who are interested. For the 40th anniversary of the Military Police and General Staff College in January 1996, I had completed a small brochure. This book will now acquaint the reader with more history of this area in the Allgäu.

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